1. What is Createes Tool?

Createes Tool is an easy –to-use state of the art platform for customizing and designing your apparel. Using the Createes tool, you can add your own text, add your own Image or choose from the library of art or fonts. You can even add your own signature and name and numbers for your team or gang.



2. Createes Tool Navigation

The EVERMORE STORES Createes Tool offers you a variety of options to help you design and customize with ease.

The following explains what each button and  option on the Createes Tool perform.

Createes Tool Navigation



3. Design Area


The Evermore Stores Createes Tool offers the options to design area size 10inch (width) by 18inch (height) in Front & Back and 6inch by 6inch (height by width) in left and right sleeve.  You can’t extend your design beyond the design boundary. Shown below is a reference to explain the design area.

Please Note: Your cost increases accordingly by size. For more information on coasting please refer to the Createes Tool Price Section.





Evermore Stores Createes Tool gives you the option to add any art from our extensive Art library. The art library is divided into different categories making it easier for you to find the right art.


You can do the following to any Art select from the add art section.


(i.) Change Size


(ii.) Change Color.


(iii.) Alignment


(v.) Duplicate Art


(vi.) Mirror


When selecting Mulit-Color Art, the Evermore Stores Createes Tool gives you the option of changing the individual colors of each art. 



Evermore Stores Createes tools gives you the option of adding text with any font of your choice. Our extensive font library offers numerous fonts of different types helping you in creating a great looking design.

You can do the following to any Text you add:

(i.) Change Size

(ii.) Change Color

(iii.) Change Text Shape

(iv.) Alignment

(v.) Duplicate Text




Using the Createes Tool you can upload any image you want.

For uploading images the resolution has to be above 1500 x 1500 pixels. The Createes Tool will not accept any images at a lower resolution than this.


7. Save and Share your Designs

Evermore Stores Createes tool gives you the option of saving your designs which you can retrieve anytime by simply logging in. To view your saved designs you can click on the My Design option in the Createes Tool. You can also check your saved designs in the My Account section.


You also have the option to share your designs via Facebook. You can also email your design to multiple email ids.

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