Acessories Tool Basics

1. What is Acessories Tool?

Acessories Designing tool is friendly and easy to use customization tool for a variety of proucts.Like in this case we have a Men's Wallet. 



Step 1

Upload your desired image by clicking on Upload image icon.




Step 2

Click on the image for the icons to be visible around the image.


Step 3

You can also rotate your image according to your design, click on that circle to rotate your image.



Step 4

Incerease/Decrease your size of the image by dragging the right hand bottom corner icon.





Once you placed your image,click on plus icon to bring the image to its original form.





Step 5

Adjust your image and then click fit image


Step 6

Add text by clicking on add text. Select your own font.

Your text color and place it anywhere on the design.

Note:- You can't increase/decrease font size once you've rotated the text.






If you have chosen a design on which only the text can be added just add text and place it anywhere you want


Step 7

If any change is desired, click on edit image.

Step 8

Once you've customized your accessory, click on add to cart.

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